Hope Medical Center

Hope Medical Center is for basic livelihood recipients., foreign worker, multicultural family, Health promotion and health promotion of the medically underprivileged class in blind spots such as refugees
to support medical services, It is a medical expense support center operated in cooperation with the Korean Red Cross and Samsung..

Status of Medical Expense Support

2021Annual medical expenses support
  • outpatient
  • Admission
798,763,750won 347,112,660won

support amount

26,786number of people 15,222number of people

support staff

  • support amount :

    Total KRW 1,145,876,410
    (Outpatient KRW 798,763,750 /
    Hospitalization 347,112,660 won)
  • number of applicants :

    Total 42,008
    (Outpatient 26,786 people / 15,222 hospitalized)


Introduction of Hope Medical Centers by Region