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2022.03.21Gyeongbuk Day

Sangju Red Cross Hospital, Hope Medical Center Great Help for The Medical Care Class

Resident Red Cross Hospital(Director Lee Sang-soo) ‘Hope Medical Center’ is receiving favorable reviews for providing great help to the medically vulnerable.. The Hope Medical Center is a resident red cross hospital ...

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2022.03.21Joongbu Ilbo

Incheon Red Cross Hospital Hope Medical Center, A beacon of hope for the disabled and the medically underprivileged in Incheon

Incheon Red Cross Hospital ...

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2022.03.21international news

Yeongju Red Cross Hospital Hope Medical Center, Hope for the medically underprivileged in the region

(Yeongju = international news) Reporter Baek Baek-ho = Yeongju Red Cross Hospital(Yoon Yeo-seung, Hospital Director) Hope Medical Center is becoming a hope for the medically underprivileged in the region. Yeongju Red Cross Hospital Hope Medical Center ...

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2022.03.21Citizen Daily

Support in connection with the ‘Red Cross Hospital Hope Treatment Center’ for the medically vulnerable in Namsang-myeon, Geochang-gun

Focused on discovering the underprivileged in the winter cold wave and resolving blind spots in welfare Namsang-myeon, Geochang-gun(Chief Myeon Kim Jin-tae)on the 20th, the severely disabled who are not receiving care services amid the cold wave. ...

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Gyeongnam Provincial Newspaper(2).jpg
2022.03.21Gyeongnam Provincial Newspaper

Tongyeong Red Cross Hospital Hope Medical Center, Support for the medically vulnerable

Designated and donated 170 million won through the Samsung Group Social Welfare Community Chest ▲ Panoramic view of Tongyeong Red Cross Hospital Tongyeong Red Cross Hospital will continue to open in 2021. ...

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2022.03.21Daekyung Daily

Yeongju Red Cross Hospital is also meticulously packed with medical care

Free dementia screening·Promoting local public health projects such as blood glucose testing ▲ Yeongju Red Cross Hospital ...

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2022.03.21Seoul Finance

20Director Jang Cheol-ho at the Korea-U.S. Cham Medical Personnel Award·Seoul Red Cross Hospital

2002Hanmi Pharm·Jointly established by the Seoul Medical Association···Jang Cheol-ho, director of Bethesda Hospital in Myanmar, was selected as the winner of the 20th U.S.-Korea Medical Award, awarded by 15 million won in plaques and prizes(left)and ...

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2022.03.21Gyeongnam Provincial Newspaper

Handoori Tongyeong Red Cross Hospital public medical donations

It is not a generous living environment, but it is a donation to help with public medical projects ▲ Mr. Son Doo-ri, a resident of Tongyeong Docheon-dong, asked him to write for the public medical project at Tongyeong Red Cross Hospital on 9 September. ...

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2022.03.21Korea Economic Daily

Tongyeong Red Cross Hospital, Samsung Group sponsors medical care system 'medical expenses support project'

14Tongyeong Red Cross Hospital in Japan also started a medical expense support project for the medically vulnerable with 170 million won designated and donated through the Samsung Group’s Social Welfare Community Chest this year. ...

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2022.03.21Daily Korea

Sangju Red Cross Hospital, Implementation of a project to support surgery costs and desired treatment medical expenses for the underprivileged

By the end of the year, 40 surgeries for the underprivileged, Expected to support 8,300 people for medical expenses

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