It is defined as the decrease in the number of circulating red blood cells.
(We often say that we have anemia when we feel dizzy, but it is the wrong expression.)


  • Iron deficient anemia

    5~6 months after birth, puberty period, menorrhagia,
    pregnancy, bleeding(including hemorrhoids), blood diseases,
    malnutrition, deviated eating habits, etc.

  • Anemia caused by chronic disease

    It occurs due to other chronic diseases.
    Infection (tuberculosis or abscesses), rheumatic diseases,
    cancer, etc.

  • Thalassemia

    It is the form of inherited red blood cell disorder.
    It is relatively common in Black American, the Mediterranean
    and South Asia.

  • Hemolytic anemia

    It is caused by medication or blood diseases.

  • Bone marrow related disease

    It may occur when bone marrow does not produce blood well
    like aplastic anemia.


  • General symptoms include dizziness, tiredness, paleness, cold sweat, heart beating, etc.
  • If you have hemolytic anemia, you may have red urine.
  • In addition to them, thalassemia may have enlargement of liver and spleen, fracture, leg ulcer, unusual facial appearance,
    infection(gall bladder), etc.


  • If anemia becomes worse, transfusion of red blood cell is required.
  • Treatments are different based on different causes.
    1) Iron deficient anemia : You should take iron(more than 6 months)(It can’t be cured only with foods that are rich in iron.)
    2) Anemia caused by chronic disease : Chronic disease should be treated/managed. If it gets severe, hematinic injections may
    be required.
    3) Thalassemia : transfusions, medication treatment, splenectomy, etc
    4) Hemolytic anemia, Bone marrow related disease : medication treatment, etc.


  • – If iron boost is prescribed, you should take it for more than 6 months.
    – If you take it together with vitamin C (example: fruit juice) before the meal, it will be absorbed better.
    – If you feel discomfort to take it before the meal, you can take it immediately after the meal.
    – If you still feel discomfort right after the meal, you can take liquid medicine instead of a pill.
  • – If you take it together with some foods such as milk, coffee and persimmon, it will interfere with the absorption.
    – You can drink the milk with a gap of more than 2 hours when taking the iron boost.
  • If you take the iron boost, stool turns black. However, it is normal, and thus do not worry.
  • It is recommended that patients with congenital anemia such as thalassemia visit the hospital on a regular basis
    to prevent complications and get the management such as immunization.