It is referred to as the case in which bowels are not satisfactory if bowel habit is slowly or rapidly
altered for any reason.


  • If you feel discomfort with longer bowel cycle than usual or you don’t feel refreshed even if you go to the bath room.
  • If the stool is hard and you feel pain around anus upon bowel movements, or if you feel heavy and
    unpleasant in lower abdomen.
  • It consists of spastic constipation in which small and thin bowels are coming out, and atonic constipation formed
    because proper bowel movement has not been made.


  • Constipation caused by eating less(it appears in young women with weight management, children and the elderly)
  • Wrong bowel habits
  • Stress
  • Dehydration or overuse of laxative
  • Side effects caused by drugs(narcotic analgesics, antacids or some of hypertension medications and iron boost)
  • Secondary symptoms caused by other diseases: anal ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome, myasthenia gravis, neurological disease,
    hypothyroidism, diverticulitis, hyperparathyroidism, colon cancer or bowel obstruction


Diet therapy

  • Eat the appropriate amount of meals three times a day on a regular basis.
  • Drink plenty of water(8~9 cups in a day).
  • Eat high-fiber foods sufficiently.
  • Eat brown rice instead of white rice.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables and seaweed.(Eat three or more different kinds of vegetables in every meal)
  • Eat fruits sufficiently.
  • If you have pains in case of spastic constipation, do not eat high-fiber foods.
  • It would be helpful to eat fermented food such as beverage with lactic acid bacteria(yogurt and Yoplait).


  • Move as much as possible.
  • Those who take appropriate amount of activities may not suffer from constipation.
  • Take aerobic exercise(exercise with shortness of breath) for 20 minutes/ session and three times in a week.

Correct bowel habits

  • Bowel is made by excretion of the intestine caused by the autonomic nervous system.
  • Thus, if you give too much strength to abdomen or you sit on toilet for long time, autonomous function of intestine
    will be weakened.
  • If bowel movement does not start within two minutes after sitting on the toilet, you have to stand up and start activities
    even if it is very uncomfortable.
  • You can go back to the bathroom when the intention for bowel movement appears again and you cannot bear it.
  • Do not spend more than five minutes for bowel movement.
  • Reading a newspaper or a book upon bowel movements may be the cause of constipation.
  • If you want to go to the toilet, do not tolerate it but go to the bathroom immediately.
    This bowel habit prevents the constipation.