Self-Breast Examination

Self-breast examination should be done once a month on a regular basis.

  • Premenopausal women should take self-breast examination in 2~3 days after menstruation, and postmenopausal women
    should take it on the first day or the end of every month. It would be good to do it in front of a mirror during a bath.
  • Breast self-examination is an effective way to diagnose breast cancer early.

  1. STEP. 01

    Stand and look at the breast in
    front of a mirror.
    Examine secretions of the nipple
    or depression of breast skin and

  2. STEP. 02

    While standing in front of a
    mirror, put your hands on the
    back of head and lean to both
    sides to look at the breast.

  3. STEP. 03

    Put your hands on the waist and
    lean body forward to closely look
    at the breast.

  4. STEP. 04

    As taking a shower, put left arm
    up. And then, begin to touch the
    breast slowly from armpit in
    a clockwise direction as making
    a circle with the tip of right hand.

  5. STEP. 05

    Narrow the circle and touch the
    nipple sufficiently.
    Gently squeeze the nipple to see
    if there is any secretion or not.
    Put right arm up and examine
    the right breast with the left hand
    in the same way.

  6. STEP. 06

    ut a towel or pillow under the
    shoulder and repeat four or five
    times as you’re lying down.
    (Always touch the breast evenly
    as making the circle.)

* If it is asymmetric in left and right or you feel a lump on breast or armpit during self-breast examination or find the depression
of nipple or secretions from nipple, you should consult your doctor.