Gout is the disease in which uric acid which is kind of metabolic waste is increased in blood and
crystals of uric acid are accumulated around small joints or cartilage to irritate the joint and
cause the inflammation. It is more common in men.


  • Intake of meat(it contains a lot of purine which is the precursor of uric acid)
  • Drinking alcohol(facilitation of synthesis of uric acid in the body and inhibition of excretion of uric acid through urine)
  • Obesity
  • Drug(diuretics, aspirin of niacin formulation, some of cyclosporine and anti-cancer agent)


  • Joint of a big toe is swollen and red, and it develops a fever and produces intense pain.
    It is called gouty attack and it usually happens at night.
  • Besides, it may appear in wrist, knee joint and heel, nodules around cartilage of ear and nose.


  • Actions to cope with gouty attact ; First, take a rest. Apply cold pack or hot pack on area of attack
  • It would be helpful not to be pressed by clothes or blanket. The main treatment is medication therapy prescribed
    by a main doctor.
  • The main treatment is medication therapy prescribed by a main doctor.
  • If gout is not treated properly, gouty node is formed on toes, fingers, hands and elbows or kidney stones and
    kidney disease can be formed. The bone around joints may be damaged later.


  • It would be good to reduce the food rich in purine.
    – Visceral parts (hearts, liver, spleen, kidney, brain and tongue), dark gravy, goose, scallops, fish (sardines, herring,
    anchovies and mackerel), dark anchovy broth, etc
    – It is recommended not to eat meat excessively.
  • Stop drinking or moderation in drinking
  • It is recommended to drink plenty of water : daily 10 cups or more
  • You should maintain normal weight.
  • You can take medication to prevent the accumulation of uric acid in the body and help to release it out of body.