Low back pain

Good posture to prevent low back pain and bad posture


Standing Posture


Sitting Posture


Lying Down Posture

How to pick the thing up for prevention of low back pain

  • Estimate how heavy it is, before lifting it up.
  • You easily recognize it if you try to move it slightly with a hand or a foot. Do not assume that small thing is light.
  • Wrap it up safely to have the weight distributed evenly and not to let thing come out of it.
  • Properly hold thing before lifting it up. It would be good to use a hanging hook.
  • When lifting up thing located above the head, you must use a chair or a ladder.
  • Do not attempt to lift up thing which is too heavy for you.
  • When you move multiple things, you should take a break in mean time.
  • Take a look at the place where things are moved in advance and make sure that it is not slippery and there is no hindrance.