Alcohol intoxication

Even if a person continues to drink alcohol above normally allowed amount and gets failure on health,
work and interpersonal relationships, he/she still continues to drink it.
Professionally, it is divided into alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence. It is a psychiatric disease that
requires treatment.

Alcohol Abuse

It is the situation in which ongoing drinking alcohol causes problems on workplace, work, interpersonal relationships and
legal issues. There are a lot of problems in living due to alcohol, but tolerance and withdrawal symptoms are not shown yet.

Alcohol Dependence

Even if he/she cannot be controlled by him/herself, he/she continues to drink alcohol. Tolerance and withdrawal symptoms
are shown. Physical dependence is referred to as the situation to continue to use alcohol in order to avoid withdrawal symptom.
Tolerance is referred to as the situation to drink more and more alcohol in order to feel intoxicated.

Characteristics of alcohol intoxication

  • Addiction can be made regardless of age, gender and position. It can come to anyone, and both amount and duration
    of drinking do not significantly matter. It can progress without his/her own knowledge.
  • If tolerance is created, you will drink more and more alcohol.
  • You always feel the urge to drink the alcohol.
  • Due to loss of self-control, you cannot stop it and continue to drink it once you drink one cup.
  • Addiction is the chronic disease and requires professional treatment and management.
  • You may experience vomiting, sweating, hand tremors and severe restlessness, if you don’t drink alcohol. If it gets worse,
    you may see illusion and listen to something strange.(withdrawal symptom)


  • Hospitalization

    • You can be hospitalized for isolation and detoxification from alcohol.
    • In the situation to predict serious withdrawal symptom if you stop the alcohol, hospitalization is
      the beginning of treatment.
    • Since a patient may have internal damage caused by alcohol, the physical examination is required.
    • Since a patient may experience nutritional deficiency in many cases, proper nutrition and vitamin supply
      may be required.
    • Detoxification treatment is finished within two weeks. The length of hospital stay will be determined by
      participating in additional alcohol intoxication recovery program, if necessary.
  • Medication therapy

    • Psychiatric treatment is given together in order to prevent the withdrawal symptoms that may occur after
      quitting alcohol, and to increase the success to give up drinking by treating psychiatric symptoms related to
      alcohol issues such as depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. Mainly anti-anxiety drugs, anti-depressant
      drugs and sedatives are used.
    • Anti-craving drugs which let people have less alcohol by reducing the effects of alcohol are recently used a lot.
      However, it is not easy to stop drinking only with this anti-craving drug. Counseling and rehabilitation
      should be combined.


We understand the patient’s situation and help him/her to be honest. There is individual and group counseling and various
counseling techniques are being used.
Counseling is being made with drinking status, drinking motives and consequences caused by drinking, and it is focused on
their own feeling and coping with the situation.

Healthy Drinking(moderation) Rules

  • Men

    • Less than 4 cups a day and less than 28 cups a week.
    • Do not exceed 6 cups a day.
    • Do not drink alcohol more than two days a week.
  • Women

    • Less than 2 cups a day and less than 14 cups a week.
    • Do not exceed 4 cups a day.
    • Do not drink alcohol more than two days a week.

Correct way of drinking

  • Do not drink alcohol without eating or snack.
  • Avoid fatty foods and eat foods rich in vitamins with low calorie.
  • You should take a rest for at least 2~3 days after drinking.
  • Once you drink alcohol, you feel thirstier. If you drink more water, you will drink alcohol less and you will have fewer hangovers.
  • Drinking milk will help you to protect the stomach before drinking alcohol.
  • Since 10% of alcohol is released through breath, it is good to drink alcohol with laughing loudly and pleasantly talking to people.
  • Drink alcohol as recognizing your drinking capacity and controlling the rate.