Stress is the response of our body and mind against external stimulus.

Stress is not bad thing. Marriage, giving birth, getting a job and promotion and similar processes are kinds of stress.
Therefore, stress can be positive or negative. However, if the stress is too much regardless of whether it is positive or negative,
it can damage the mind and body.


  • Effects of Bad Stress

    • Anxiety, worry, irritability, forgetfulness, attention difficulties,
      exhaustion and depression
    • Binge, overeating, accident risk and suicide
    • Insomnia & fatigue, headache, low back pain, shoulder pain
      and joint pain and gastrointestinal disorders
    • Reduction of immunity
  • Effects of Good Stress

    • Enhancement of mental resistance and physical immunity
    • Stimulation for change and development
    • Exploration of troubleshooting and coping method
    • Mood improvement, energy recharge and anxiety reduction

Ways to relieve stress

  • Positive thinking

    Admit that he can make a mistake and consequence cannot be perfect, and focus on problem solving.
    Once the problem at hand is solved and preparation for the future is being made, stress will be reduced.

  • Deep breath and stretching

    If sitting down and concentrate for a long time, muscles become tight and headache appears.
    It would be good to provide oxygen by frequently taking deep breath, stabilize the nerves and do stretching.
    It is also good to take outdoor air and do exercise in free time.

  • Resting without thinking of anything

    Take enough rest after finishing work.
    Do not worry about the work after working hours and enjoy exercise and hobby.

  • Chatting with friends

    When like-minded people talk with each other, feeling are refreshed and laughter are shared.
    Therefore, anxiety and depression are decreased and new energy is received.

To overcome the stress in the workplace

  • Important decision should be made in a relaxed state of mind
  • Identify the cause of stress
  • Analyze your own coping method
  • Distinguish between what you can do and what you cannot do
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Secure time to make you comfortable