Atopic dermatitis

Management of skin and environment of patients with atopic dermatitis

In the case of patients with atopic dermatitis, skin moisturizing management and environmental management is as important
as medication. Thus, be aware of the following items and put it into practice in your home.

Use of Right Moisturizer & Bathing Method

  • It is important for patients with atopic dermatitis to keep the skin moist.
  • You can gently dip your body in warm water for 10~15 minutes once a day.
  • When you take a bath, do not use soap every time and use it once in 2~3 days. At the time, never scrub off dirt and
    give irritation to skin.
  • After drying your skin by tapping it with a towel immediately after the bath, apply the moisturizer on whole body immediately.
  • Apply the sufficient amount of moisturizer to the whole body more than twice a day.

Management & Washing of Clothes

  • The most ideal material of cloth is cotton.
  • It would be good to wear clothes in double layer to facilitate temperature control and loose clothes to reduce the irritation
    caused by clothing.
  • Since it is important to minimize amount of detergent left in laundry, use liquid detergent rather than powder and use
    the appropriate amount.
  • It is sufficient to rinse it twice after washing.
  • Since dry cleaning can irritate the skin, avoid it if possible. You should remove solvent through sufficient ventilation before
    you wear it.

Recommended Indoor Temperature & Humidity

  • Recommended temperature is 18~23˚C and recommended humidity is 40~50%. However, since rapid changes in temperature
    and humidity may worsen lesions, appropriate level should be maintained based on external environment when temperature
    and humidity are controlled.
  • The place(bathroom, kitchen sink, etc) which is likely to be damp easily should be ventilated on a regular basis to prevent
    the mold.

Upon occurrence of secondary infection in skin

  • Patients with atopic dermatitis are generally susceptible to skin infections, and skin infections worsen atopic dermatitis again.
  • When symptom of infection such as discharge, fever or pain occurs as lesions of atopic dermatitis deteriorate, you should
    visit the hospital for fast treatment.


  • Mental tension generally causes itching, which worsens dermatitis.
  • Stop smoking in your home. Secondhand smoking is harmful to atopic dermatitis and allergic diseases.
  • You must avoid foods or inhaled antigens that show positive response in allergic test and are related to aggravation of symptoms.
  • However, in case of children, it is important to provide nutrients for growth and development. Thus, it is dangerous to control
    the foods. For food restriction, you must follow your doctor’s advice.