Overview of
National Health Insurance

Korea implements a health insurance system wherein a person pays a certain monthly premium according to his/her income
and assets. Subscribers to the national health insurance can access medical services at a low price if they are sick, give birth,
or simply want to have a regular medical check-up. All citizens are required to subscribe to the national health insurance,
with the exception of beneficiaries of medical aid.


Subscribers to the national health insurance system can be categorized into local subscribers and employee subscribers.
All employees of businesses, employers, public officers and teachers are categorized as employee subscribers.
Other subscribers and the family members supported by employee subscribers are categorized as local subscribers.
For company subscribers, the company pays for 50% of the medical insurance fee(applies only for salaries taken from company),
and individuals have to pay the remaining 50%. Individuals who have a separate source of high income must pay the full amount.
When a health insurance policyholder receives treatment from a hospital, the National Health Insurance Corporation pays
a portion of the medical fee, and the policyholder is required to pay only the remaining balance.