Tongyeong Hope Medical Center

Supported for

  • Foreign workers and their families(registered stay, registered stay)
  • Multicultural families and direct blood relatives(sibling, excluding sisters)
  • refugees and their families
  • Other medical underprivileged(Basic Life Recipients, second highest, Health Insurance)
  • Disabled, rare intractable disease, Crisis Families Support(Decision by separate audit)

Support criteria

  • A certain score when filling out the living environment evaluation table for medical expenses support(50dot) more than one
  • 50-100% of outpatient and inpatient treatment expenses
  • Even if you meet the eligibility criteria, you may not be selected for support depending on the disease.

Support Content

  • Outpatient and inpatient support
  • no application : outpatient, diagnosis, copy of medical record, CD copy, dental care, guardian's meal
  • Decision on whether to apply and the rate of support based on the evaluation table for medical expense support at the Hope Medical Center

Application process

  1. step. 01

    phone inquiry
    (T. 055.640.1779.)

  2. step. 02

    Consultation reservation

  3. step. 03

    Patient hospital visit and consultation

  4. step. 04

    Outpatient or inpatient treatment

  5. step. 05

    Determination of the application rate

  • Support for medical expenses according to the standards of the Hope Medical Center
  • Care and consultation time : morning 08:30Support available according to the urgency of treatment:30, Support Content 13:30Foreigners cannot apply if they enter the country for medical treatment.:30

Required documents

Required documents

  • ID, ID card,Family Relations Certificate, a copy of the register, lease agreement,Health insurance payment certificate
  • Documents are different depending on the type of insurance, so follow the detailed guidelines

additional documents

  • Add proof of income and property (① Tax certificate by tax category, ② Monthly rent contract/free residence confirmation, ③ Bankbook transaction statement for 6 months)