Yeongju Hope Medical Center

Supported for

  • Basic Life Recipients
  • a secondary class
  • Disabled
  • Foreign workers and refugees
  • Multicultural families
  • North Korean defectors
  • Other medical underprivileged(old man, children, etc.)

Support criteria

  • Support according to the standard table and detailed guidelines for support for medical expenses at the Hope Medical Center
  • Those with a certain score or higher when filling out the living environment evaluation table for medical expenses support

    – Foreigners cannot apply if they enter the country for medical treatment.
    – If support is received through false or other fraudulent means, the support will be stopped., Refund of supported expenses
    – Even if you meet the eligibility criteria, you may not be selected for support depending on the disease.

Scope of support

  • 1 year from the date of registration as a target for desired treatment
  • Differential support from out-of-pocket expenses after document screening according to the living environment evaluation table(50~100%)

Support Content

  • Outpatient and inpatient support(1Outpatient KRW 1 million per person, Support up to 5 million won in hospitalization)
  • no application : Nutrients, Dentist, proof, guardian's table, Simple tests you want
  • Decision on whether to apply and the rate of support based on the evaluation table for medical expense support at the Hope Medical Center

Application process

  1. step. 01

    Phone inquiry and consultation reservation
    (T. 054.630.0167)

  2. step. 02

    Patient hospital visit and consultation

  3. step. 03

    Screening and selection of candidates

  4. step. 04

    medical expenses

  • medical benefit recipient
  • For patients admitted to other hospitals, the Medical Center(054-630-0177) Counseling after hospitalization decision
  • Care and consultation time : morning 08:30Support available according to the urgency of treatment:30, Support Content 13:30Foreigners cannot apply if they enter the country for medical treatment.:30

Required documents

Common documents

  • ID, ID card,Family Relations Certificate

Documents for each subject

  • Basic Life Recipients : Beneficiary certificate (Medical benefit recipients must bring a medical request form)
  • a secondary class : Second-class confirmation
  • Health Insurance : Health insurance premium payment certificate(last 3 months)
  • Disabled : Welfare card for the disabled and certificate of the disabled
  • foreigner : Passport and alien registration card, Alien Registration Card
  • refugee, North Korean defectors: Relevant documents

Other documents

  • Letter of recommendation, a copy of the register, lease agreement, etc.