Asthma is the allergic disease causing inflammation in the airway.


  • Smoke and dust-like substance may stimulate the airway to cause asthma.
  • If the inflammation is produced in the airway, it turns red and edema is formed to make the inside diameter narrower.
    Symptoms include difficulties in breathing, coughing and wheezing breathing sound.
    However, you may not have any symptoms even if there is inflammation in the airway.


  • The basic of asthma control is to avoid the substances causing it.
  • Avoid being exposed to substance which causes or worsens asthma.
  • In general, the substances that cause asthma are as follows.
    – Air pollution or cigarette smoke, irritants such as perfume
    – Allergens such as pets, flowerpot(pollen), dust and mold
    – Infection: Avoid people who have colds; get the flu vaccine every year; Get the pneumococcal vaccination
    once for a lifetime (in consultation with a doctor).

Asthma can be controlled with medication.

  • Most patients with asthma are taking bronchodilator and medication to control inflammation.
  • Since bronchodilator expands the internal diameter of the airway to make it easier to breathe, it rapidly improves
    the symptoms such as coughing, wheezing sound and feeling like tightening chest.
  • Since medication to control inflammation can stop the airway’s reaction causing the asthma, it should be used for the long term.
  • More importantly, you should follow your doctor’s instructions for dosage and directions of medication. If it gets worse,
    you should consult your doctor again to modify your treatments.