Myoma uteri

It is referred to as a benign tumor originating from ‘smooth muscle’ composed of muscle layer
of uterus.


This disease is very common and it is present in 60~70% of women 40 years old or higher.
If it is not too big or it does not cause any special symptoms, it does not become the target of therapy.


However, if it is required to distinguish it from malignant sarcoma, it causes the symptoms such as
urinary frequency, residual urine sense, back pain, menstrual hyperactivity, anemia, functional
bleeding, recurrent miscarriages or infertility, or it is too big, it should be treated.


Fundamental cause is still uncertain.
However, since it can be affected by female hormones(estrogen), it often grows before the menopause.
On the other hand, it rarely occurs before menarche or after menopause. The size of myoma can be reduced after menopause.


There are no symptoms in many cases.
According to statistics, it has been reported that clinical symptoms are expressed in approximately 20~50%.
Symptoms such as vaginal bleeding, touchable mass, pelvic pain, sense of oppression, urination caused by pressure,
defecation disorder, digestive disorders, profuse menstruation or anemia may emerge.


It is difficult to diagnose it, if the size is not too big.
It usually can be identified through pelvic ultrasound. If necessary, it is required to check it through CT, MRI and resectoscopy.


  • If myoma uteri are small and you do not have symptoms, no special treatment is required. However, the regular check-up
    may be required to see if it grows or not.
  • When the treatment is required, medication treatment and surgical treatment can be considered.
  • For medication treatment : The injection is given to temporally prevent female hormones. In most cases,
    it has the transient effect, but curative treatment is not nearly made.
  • For surgical treatment : Surgery to resect only mass and surgery to resect uterus are included.
    For patients who want to get pregnant, the treatment to preserve the uterus is made. Otherwise, for patients who want to
    resect the uterus, the surgery to resect the uterus is made.


There is no such proven way to prevent myoma uteri. There is no special precaution.